Guest post! Class Of 2014

"Jet planes, Islands, Tigers on a gold leash"

"Jet planes, Islands, Tigers on a gold leash"

To all my fellow classmates who rolled into Monday 8AMs in your Kappa Kappa sweatshirts and XC pride sweatpants, prepare for a rude awakening.  Ah yes, the working world is quickly descending upon us chosen ones graduating this upcoming spring.  I'm guessing this is around the time when most of us are either scrambling to find a role within the white collar workforce or probably… laying out senior spring break options.  Procrastination is a hard habit to break.

Alas, the inevitable will come sooner or later and we will be forced to become adults.  And so we ask ourselves, how do I transition into an adult wardrobe?  Before you run to your nearest J.Crew and purchase a cardigan in every color of the rainbow, consider your other options.  In today's modern working world, it seems there are more companies across all industries that encourage personal expression in the form of dress.  Am I the only one who is ecstatic to see an end to the traditional black & white skirt suit?

Before you go swipe-happy with your newly acquired credit card you finally got approved for, get acquainted with your office dress code.  If the dress environment is leaning towards business casual, work in some existing pieces you wore during college when you dressed up to go out.  I'm not talking about the black mini skirt you wore with everything and anything freshman year.  Collared shirts and sweaters make for great layering pieces.  Test out a few combinations you may already own and purchase filler items to complete outfits.  The key is buying versatile pieces that can be matched with multiple office looks.  Pieces that can be worn for both work and play are always a sweet bonus.

For those of you wondering, yes you can still hang on to your sorority sweatshirt but don't you dare wear it into the office… no, not even on casual Friday.